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Our Tapas Bars - Rest your mouse here!
Photo by Harold Naideau

What are Tapas?

"Tapas are a style of eating. Anything can be a Tapa provided it's tasty and the portion is small" says Felipe Rojas-Lombardi, executive chef of The Ballroom.

Depending on the creative energy of the kitchen, the variety is endless, and this is one of the reasons the restaurant's concept is so successful. At The Ballroom, Tapas are given their own special presentation.

"This style of food enables us to experiment and change our offerings every evening. The customer is always surprised because he can enjoy a new taste experience every time he comes here" says Rojas-Lombardi.

Although classical Tapas are Spanish, Rojas-Lombardi creates Tapas representative of other ethnic and regional cuisines as well.

The bar area of The Ballroom has a dramatic sense of theater, and The Ballroom's drink concept, which centers on sherries, rare ports, Spanish brandies, Rioja wines and champagnes, is just as unique as its food. Sherries and Tapas are a natural combination because the dry taste of sherry, or a chilled champagne, is an ideal complement to these spicy foods.

The Tapas, the drinks and the dramatic presentation all work together to make The Ballroom an exciting place. "And," adds Rojas-Lombardi, "the feedback from our customers has been fantastic."

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